About Us

The VacuVision family of products was developed to provide convenience to the consumer and enabling maximum efficiency to the cleaning task. Changes to Central Vacuum systems have been minimal at best and have been geared mainly to enhancements to the main power unit. Since the main power unit is remotely installed in a garage, furnace room or attic, improvements to the power unit, though welcomed, are not very practical.

The VacuVision approach is to provide up to date information to the operator where it is the most visible. An LCD screen mounted in the hose handle and positioned to allow for an unobstructed view at all times is only one of the many features of the VacuVision system. All information to this LCD screen and from the hose handle is communicated wirelessly using the latest and most up to date technology. Wireless technology, as used in cell phones and many other consumer products, has proven to be reliable and robust enough for portable devices while providing the portability not possible with wired systems. The elimination of copper wires encased in a PVC outer layer reduces our dependency on non renewable materials making this approach most earth friendly.

The vacuum hose handle made from flame retardant ABS was designed in North America and after extensive consumer feed back was evaluated and implemented. The design allows for its use with most hand sizes and does not trap the operators hand in a closed loop design. A 360 degree swivel is standard with this handle preventing a malfunction in the vacuum hose which can result in a restricted air flow condition.

The keypad switching on the hose handle allows for the operator to vary both the brush and vacuum motor speeds so that they are more in line with the task at hand. A lower motor speed results in less energy consumption contributing to a net smaller carbon footprint - a green contribution to the environment.

Additional remote transmitters such as the door chime and telephone transmitters automatically turn off the main power unit when activated and indicates this information on the LCD screen.

A separate Diagnostic panel which defaults to a real time clock allows the consumer to view the performance of the vacuum system without having the power unit turned on. This panel can also be connected directly to a computer where 12 months of data can be retrieved and evaluated. Battery operated, this panel can be mounted in any convenient location in the home.